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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
ABCNEWS.com : Coroner: Struggle Caused Ohio Man's Death: "'They talk about Skip like he was an animal,' said his grandmother, Bessie Jones. 'He wasn't. Skipper was just a good old, fat jolly fella. He wasn't violent.'
'Everyone he met, that he touched, loved him,' said his aunt, Diane Payton. 'He was never mean.'"

I suppose it's a tribute to the love these people have for the man that they can publicly say these things just as all of us are watching videotape of the man violently attacking police officers.

Obviusly he was violent, at least this time. It's a tragedy this had to happen, but when you do drugs and attack police officers things rarely go well for you.

I'm sorry for the family and I'm even sorrier for the city of Cincinnati which now will have to listen to the self-serving bleating of the civic "leaders" who are rushing to make racial hay out of this incident.

If the family files the inevitable civil suit against the police department then the tragedy will be complete.


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