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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
BBC NEWS | Europe | France awaits headscarf decision: "French President Jacques Chirac is expected to express his support for a law that would ban pupils wearing Islamic headscarves in schools. "

While I certainly support separation of church and state I think that the banning of items required by ones religion in school is an effort doomed to failure or unintended consequence. Muslims, for example, are muslims all the time -- not just after school. If their beliefs tell them that they must cover their heads in public then they are not likely to be swayed from that belief just because Mr. Chirac rules that they should be.

I suspect that this will only cause discord and perhaps even result in a large number of muslim girls being taken out of school rather than attend and violate their beliefs.

The same is true of jews and other groups who have proscribed clothing or symbols that they believe they must wear.


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