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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Aviators mark 100 years of flight: "It is 100 years since Orville Wright took to the air in the 'Flyer' for a flight lasting 12 seconds that carried him just over 30 metres. "

In conjunction with this the Discovery Channel has re-aired an episode of "Junkyard Mega-Wars" featuring three teams building "turn of the century" flying machines (http://junkyardwarsonline.tripod.com/specials/flight/flight1.html). The results were really quite remarkable. While the Americans came up with a unique design and the French made an aircraft that was quite nifty looking the British made an actual airplane that flew! And when I say "flew" I mean they made several complete laps of the lake bed at at least a couple of hundred feet of altitude.

It was entirely amazing for an aircraft built in roughly 20 hours out of junk using no modern tools. If you have the opportunity to see this episode, I encourage you to tune in.


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