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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
CNN.com - Clark: Bush lacks will to find bin Laden - Dec. 17, 2003: "[Clark] added, 'We've got a president who will go halfway around the world for a photo opportunity but won't go halfway across town for a funeral for an American serviceman.
'I've been to those funerals. I've comforted families. ... I don't think you can make good policy at the top if you don't understand the impact at the bottom of your organization.'
Bush has on only two or three occasions met with the families of fallen servicemen and women, most recently at Fort Carson, Colorado, and he has not attended funerals or greeted caskets returning from Iraq.
A senior administration official told The Washington Post in November, 'The president believes funerals are a time for grieving families to be together and mourn their loved ones and celebrate their lives, and he has not felt comfortable intruding on that.' "

I've wondered about this a bit myself, why President Bush has given so little attention to the returning casualties, and this is the first good explanation I've heard. I would hope that the families of those casualties will at some point receive some kind of condolance from the President. However it does make sense to me that the President wouldn't want to drag an army of television cameras and the general media circus that follows him into what must be a difficult time for those families.


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