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Friday, January 30, 2004
All Headline News - Jacksonville Tries to Build Around Bowl: "In a year, the city originally named Cowford - an English translation of the Indian name Wacca Pilatka - will find out if it will be perceived as a cow town, or if it really can hang with the big boys.

'We know we're not Houston,' said Peter Rummell, co-chair of the Jacksonville Super Bowl host committee, referring to this year's Super Bowl city. 'We don't have a 2 million-square-foot convention center. The secret in Jacksonville is we need to be great for five days, we don't need to be great forever.'"

That smacking sound you hear are the heads of Jacksonville tourism officials hitting their desks in dismay. "We're Only Great for Five Days!" is not exactly the slogan they wanted to go with, I'm sure.


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