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Thursday, January 08, 2004
CNN.com - Powell on WMD existence: 'This game is still unfolding' - Jan. 8, 2004: "'We recommend the formation of a senior blue ribbon commission to examine this in an independent, nonpartisan way and make recommendations for how to insulate intelligence assessors from political pressures,' Cirincione said. "

Stepping away from who is or isn't at fault and whether or not the Bush administration deliberately exaggerated their claims to make the case for war in Iraq, this one piece of advice is key. Unfortunately it doesn't appear until nearly the very end of the article, but it is key.

We do need to insulate our intelligence community, as much as possible, from political pressure. They must be able to offer objective assessments of the situation in any circumstances in order to provide us with the most accurate picture of what we're dealing with.

I also agree with the proposal that the CIA chief's job should be made into a professional position and not a political appointment.


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