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Saturday, January 17, 2004
FOXNews.com - Foxlife - Reporter's Notebook: Inside the Jacko FrenzyThe Michael Jackson (search) case is like nothing you’ll ever see. Jackson is facing years behind bars, or a young boy and his family are lying. On this day, the first of many, the scene felt like someone had just dropped me into the middle of chapter nine of a Grisham novel. Lining the streets outside the courthouse were food vendors, fans from as far away as Norway and Poland, a woman with a portable piano, all sorts of banners, and a U-Haul truck filled with thousands of free T-shirts.

I'm afraid I don't really understand this mentality. It's one thing to enjoy the man's music. I don't understand people who would drop their whole lives and travel thousands of miles, undoubtedly at some expense, just to stand by the side of the road and gape at him as he goes by.

It's really sort of a bizarre culture here in America -- one that makes the National Enquirer successful. One that causes thousands (millions?) of people to idolize celebrities.

Michael Jackson may not be a pedophile, but he's certainly disturbed in his own way. He's an entertainer and he apparently has a cult following that rivals any - for reasons I don't entirely understand.

And of course the media is all too happy to feed the monster - more TV specials, more magazines, more headlines. Sell those papers, sell those ads, rake in that money. Either a little boy who was terribly molested is being trampled in this frenzy. Or an eccentric entertainer who has been wrongly accused is. One way or the other, the media train is rolling over somebody. And the average Americans are shoveling in the coal.

And then there's this...

His entourage includes dad Joe, brother Jermaine, sister Janet and twenty or so sharply dressed men from the Nation of Islam.

Does it seem odd that Michael Jackson, perhaps the most famous Jehovah's Witness in the world, would be getting visible support from the Nation of Islam?


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