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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
MTV.com - News -Marriage? What Marriage? Britney Was Never A Wife: "The next time Britney Spears gets married, she can, if she wants to, still wear white. Courtesy of the legal loophole of an annulment, Spears has never, technically, been married."

It sort of amuses me that Britney and her friend can stagger into a wedding chapel, get married "as a joke", get it annuled 55 hours later and there is not a peep from the "Save Traditional Marriage" people.

Apparently it's o.k. to make a mockery of marriage just so long as you're not gay.

Dennis Rodman can get drunk and spend 9 days "married" to Carmen Electra and golddigger Darva Conger can "marry" a guy she met an hour earlier on TV because she thinks he's rich...but heaven forbid a gay couple who loves each other and is trying to make a life together wants to get their family legally recognized.

I have a "traditional marriage" who is going to defend it from Drew Barrymore's next 3 month nuptual?


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