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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Op-Ed Contributor: Follow the MoneyBut there is another line of questioning officials might pursue — one that depends less on the cooperation of Mr. Hussein than on the assistance of the United States Federal Reserve Bank. Among Mr. Hussein's possessions when he was captured was three-quarters of a million dollars in United States currency in crisp new bills. Whence came the gentleman's stash?

What a fine question. The essence of this piece is that when Saddam was captured he had quite a lot of U.S. currency and that since the bills were, to some extent, sequentially numbered, the U.S. Treasury service should be able to track what bank they went to when they left the mint and that bank should have a record of which customer they went to. Since the bills are sequential they weren't passed out by tellers onesy-twosy but rather in bulk to a large customer.

This investigation could go a long way towards identifying sources of funding for Saddam and his ilk.

Unfortunately it appears as though no such investigation is imminent. For more details...follow the link and read the story.


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