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Friday, February 06, 2004
CBS News | 9-Year-Old Repeat Offender? | February 6, 2004�13:03:13County Prosecutor Edward G. Holm said the boy probably will have to undergo psychological testing and attend disciplinary classes.

"He will do some type of probation," Holm said. "When a 9-year-old runs off with a car, something is obviously haywire and we'll have to find out what it is."

I certainly hope they figure it out. Recividism is an ugly problem at any age and I'm afraid our justice system has yet to find a good cure for it. Here in Hawaii the penalties for crimes like auto theft are so apparently so light that it might as well not be illegal. It's not at all unusual to read a news item about a car thief getting arrested who has dozens of previous convictions on car theft charges despite the fact that they're only 26 or 30 years old. Why this obvious career criminal is back on the streets is quite a mystery to me.

Hopefully this young 9yo boy can get himself straightened out. Otherwise 21 years from now we might be reading a story about the car thief who has a history of crime going back to when he stole a dirt bike at 9.


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