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Friday, February 06, 2004
The Scotsman - Top Stories - Out-of-touch Hoon's losing battle over 45-minute claim: "Mr Hoon yesterday gave evidence to MPs where he said he did know the 45-minute claim - which dominated the world�s media after Mr Blair�s dossier was released - related to battlefield weapons and posed no threat to Iraq�s neighbours.

During bad-tempered exchanges with the defence select committee, Mr Hoon repeatedly insisted the 45-minute issue, the key fact on which the Hutton Inquiry turned, had not been central to the case for war against Saddam. "

The problem is that it was central to the case. Perhaps not to Parliment or Congress but certainly to the people. Among the points used by the Bush administration to frighten people into believing that we needed to act against Saddam immediately was the claim that he had these weapons that could be deployed against us in 45-minutes. That's part of what made Saddam such a threat, according to the administration. It was repeated by more than one administration official.

Between the 45-minute weapons and the strong (and false) implications linking Saddam to the 9/11 attacks it's no wonder so much of the country is confused about why we went.

I'm glad Saddam is gone, the world is a better place without him running part of it, but I am constantly dismayed by the manner in which the administration took us into this war which is increasingly looking like a war of choice and opportunity...rather than a war of necessity.


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