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Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Threat advisories improving, DHS says: "Loy said there have been discussions to eliminate the five color codes signifying the different threat levels. Since inception, the country has been at either yellow or orange, the second highest level. The highest threat level is red.
'I do believe this is a work in progress,' he said. There may come a day when such color codes are no longer necessary, but he added the public, businesses and governments must first internalize this new security environment. He also said he favors better education for the public about what to do when the threat is raised."

For 20 points...what code are we at now? (Don't look it up). Answer: Who cares?

We're at yellow...or maybe it's tangerine. No, wait, I think we're actually at magenta. This just in, the threat condition color has been changed to "Aquamarine"...does that mean we're supposed to run for our lives, duct tape our windows, stockpile rice or does that mean "all clear?" I can't recall.

The fundamental problem with the color coding system is that the colors, as currently used, don't mean anything to most people. So we're currently on yellow (Yes, we actualy are) what does that mean to you? To me it just means that you shouldn't wear pink because it doesn't go well.

Scrap the color system folks. Nobody knows if Orange is worse than yellow or if green is worse than blue. Few people know what they're supposed to do differently at each color level. Maybe use numbers or letters instead. Everybody knows where 5 and 3 are in relation to each other. Nobody knows where Green and Yellow are.


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