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Monday, March 15, 2004
CNN.com - Kerry pressed on international´┐Żclaim - Mar 15, 2004 "I'm not going to betray a private conversation with anybody," he said Sunday. "I have heard from people, foreign leaders elsewhere in the world who don't appreciate the Bush administration and would love to see a change in the leadership of the United States."

Pressed on the campaign trail and by reporters to name the leaders, Kerry declined, although he said they were U.S. allies.

I'm afraid that's just not a satisfactory answer. Anybody can claim that anonymous people told them something -- this is worse than hearsay evidence. At least with hearsay the person alleged to have said it is identified.

I think it was a mistake for Senator Kerry to go down this road if he's not willing to name the foreign leaders. I think this is going to dog him for quite some time.


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