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Thursday, March 18, 2004
It occurs to me that back when President Clinton so blatantly lied to us, wagging his finger at the camera while he intoned "I did not have sexual relations with that woman...." we all snickered.

Now we have a situations where a number of officials in the Administration have been caught in what can at best be described as mistakes, if not outright lies, regarding the war in Iraq (remember Rumsfeld telling us that he "knows where the WMD is"?) and yet nearly half the population doesn't seem to mind.

I'm a Republican and I voted for Bush in the last election. It disturbs me to see so many failures of intelligence, failures of communication and failures of consideration. Especially when they seem to have been exacerbated by a desire, even anxiousness, to go to war.

Being a "war president" is not something to be proud of, Mr. Bush. Being a peace president is. Now I realize that we didn't choose the larger war we find ourselves in. Mr. Bin Laden thrust it upon us and it is essential that we fight, and win, the war against terrorists. But our war in Iraq seems very much like a war of choice to me. The ancillary benefit of having created a "honeypot" that now attracts terrorists for us to fight is little consolation -- especially as it seems that our heavy-handed policy is creating even more anti-American sentiment and breeding a whole new generation of terrorists.


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