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Monday, March 01, 2004
Salon.com Technology | Will the election be hacked?: "What she found alarmed her. The machines were state-of-the-art products from an Ohio company called Diebold. But the code -- which a friend of Jekot's had found on the Internet -- was anything but flawless, Jekot says. It was amateurish and pocked with security problems."

I'm not questioning her conclusions, but does it strike anybody else that "code a friend found on the Internet" would be assumed to be legitimate? Nowhere in this story, that I saw, did Diebold confirm that the code she found was authentic. A friend of my found some "code" on the Internet that said that if he replied to the message Bill Gates and Disney Corp. would send him $100,000. As a general rule you shouldn't assume anything you find on the Internet - including this blog, I suppose - is authentic or true.

That said this article does paint a very disturbing picture of what's going on in the electronic voting machine business. It's worth a read and hopefully our legislators have read it as well.


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