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Monday, March 01, 2004
World Press Review - World Press Wire "The removal of President Aristide in these circumstances sets a dangerous precedent for democratically-elected governments anywhere and everywhere, as it promotes the removal of duly-elected persons from office by the power of rebel forces.

This does raise some difficult questions. Naturally I think we all feel it's abhorent to allow the tyranny of some armed thugs to drive a rightfully elected government from office. Of course, Haiti may be an unusual circumstance where the duly elected government, despite possibly still enjoying majority support (no matter how slim) among the people, did not have the resources to defend itself against these armed rebels. Haiti has no army (ironically it having been disbanded by Aristide himself a few years back) and their police apparently lacked the resources or the will to stand and fight.

There are no easy answers. International support would seem to have been welcome to help defend the duly elected government, but at the same time I'm reluctant to send American troops to get dragged into the civil war of yet another nation.

CARICOM seems to have had strong feelings about it, I wonder why they didn't send troops to support Aristide and try to calm the rebellion?


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