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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
World Press Review - World Press Wire: "'How is it possible that any man, let alone a Muslim man, does this on the day of al-Hussein?' asked Thaer al-Shimri, a member of the Shiite Al-Dawa party. 'Today war has been launched on Islam.'"

Following up on my earlier post. This has the rumblings of something that could get out of hand. The Middle-East has never been known to be peaceful and they aren't a "forgive and forget" kind of people. Attacks and reprisals are common currency in that region and it's entirely possible that this incident could escalate the situation not only in Iraq but it could spread to neighboring Iran as well.

There is also a great danger that in their grief and anger they could lash out at innocent parties which could cause the problems to esacalate exponentially. It is very important that cooler heads prevail, that the culprits are carefully identified and then dealt with accordingly. Otherwise the already-violent middle-east could be plunged into an even more dramatic period of war and instability.


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