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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Yahoo! News - Aide: Rumsfeld Urged Iraq Attack on 9/12: "WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld almost immediately urged President Bush (news - web sites) to consider bombing Iraq (news - web sites) after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on New York and Washington, says a former senior administration counterterrorism aide. "

I'm not the least bit surprised. I believe Paul O'Neill when he says that plans and interest in the invasion of Iraq were in the air from the earliest days of the administration. It was evident to me in the entire way that the administration approached the Iraq situation -- they didn't really want inspectors in Iraq and they didn't want any compromise bill. It seemed clear to me that the solution they wanted from the start was troops and tanks rolling through Baghdad. That's why they disparaged and dismissed the work of Blix and his inspectors from the very beginning.

They insisted Hussein had weapons despite what Hussein said ("He's lying!") or what the inspectors said. Now, of course, it looks like Hussein may have been telling the truth and that Blix was right. But we have new reasons for the war now. The war the administration was itching for from very early on.

In my opinion.


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