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Monday, March 01, 2004
Yahoo! News - Bryant Lawyers Eye Accuser's Sex Life: "At the heart of the defense attack is a contention that the 19-year-old accuser had a 'plan' to have sex with Bryant to attract attention from an ex-boyfriend. Bryant's attorneys say injuries found on the woman could have been caused by sex with someone other than the Los Angeles Lakers (news) guard.
Prosecutors have urged the judge to bar any evidence about the woman's sexual past, saying it is not relevant to whether she was raped."

While I am certainly an advocate of victim's rights and while I don't think the lady's sexual past bears much on whether or not she was raped, in this particular case I think it bears directly on the evidence. The physical evidence that is claimed to implicate Bryant in the rape is compromised if, in fact, she had sex with a number of other parties both before and after the rape occurred. How can it possibly be proved that the injuries resulted from her time with Bryant?

This would seem to invalidate the physical evidence which leaves you with just a "he says, she says" in which case I think it's very difficult to convict Bryant of rape.

Let me conclude by saying that I have no idea if he raped her or not. If he did rape her then I hope he gets convicted and goes to prison. If he didn't rape her then obviously justice requires an acquittal. Unfortunately we may never really know for sure.


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