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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Yahoo! News - Progress Made in City's Schools, but More to Go: "While there are still sufficient numbers of white students in the Topeka school system to foster diversity, the trend lines point in a troubling direction. The proportion of minority students in Topeka public schools has been increasing nearly 2 percent per year, from 30 percent in 1991 to more than 51 percent today. In some Topeka schools, nearly four-fifths of the students are nonwhite.
'If these trends continue, we could soon be back to where we don't want to be,' said Russ Hutchins, principal of Ross Elementary School, which is 73 percent minority. The school district would then face the difficult choice of accepting the inevitability of resegregation, or considering more politically controversial alternatives, such as redrawing school district lines or additional busing."

I'm afraid I don't see the problem here. Forced segregation is wrong, yes. I don't see anything in this story that indicates that this situation is anything but the natural result of demographics. Are we supposed to bus white kids into these neighborhoods just to balance out the color scale? That's silly. As long as these schools are getting their fair share of the funding and are doing the best possible job of educating the children what difference does it make that they happen to be mostly nonwhite? As long as they aren't being segregated intentionally I see no reason to DEsegregate them intentionally.


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